“While sitting high up on a hill watching a play written by students and for students in order to transmit the true facts about HIV/AIDS, I was struck more deeply by the impact of RAPSIDA’s work. It is empowering young Rwandans to look for creative ways to protect the promise and enthusiasm of the generation represented in the audience that day.”
-- Laura Clauson
Director, CCHIPS Field Operations
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International www.gorillafund.org
& Wyman Worldwide Health Partners LLC www.wwhps.org

Club anti Sida Marenga, performing a play about Orphans and Vulnerable Children

"Travelers for CHABHA, Children Affected by HIV/AIDS, had the privilege of going with the RAP group on Sunday, May 29, 2006 to Karenge to observe a very moving, very real presentation by the high school group there. It was developed from a real story of a mother who shunned her child when she was found to be infected. The entire school was there and the feelings of concern and understanding were palpable. The RAP project is reaching hundreds of vulnerable students and is now reaching out to other groups.
They know how to make the messages real."
--Susanna Grannis, President, Children Affected by HIV/AIDS

Candlelight Ceremony for People who have Died of HIV/AIDS

“The emotions I saw here today are reaching people.

We need you to do it more and spread it to as many people as possible.”

--George Kabayiza, After RAP World AIDS Day 2005 Presentation, Nyagatare Umutara.

Poet from Alliance High School

“I didn’t know that one dedicated group of individuals, students no less, could make such a difference in such little time. Suddenly, an American standing in front of nearly 200 Rwandan children, I was speechless. I thanked them for the hope they had given me that a brighter future was closer than I’d thought.
RAPSIDA has provided a way forward.”

--Justin S. White
Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
Twubakane Decentralization & Health Program
IntraHealth International
Kigali, Rwanda

Strive Foundation President, Bernard, speaks to Alliance High School Students

Program Director, Jesse Hawkes, leads a theatre workshop

“Last week I was privileged to be part of a small invited audience who saw a preview of [Kunda Ubuzima]. We witnessed the shaping of what will be a very fine piece of drama. I dare say one of the best I have seen in Rwanda. … I am amazed at the mature talent of these young people. Their youth and the dynamism of them and Jesse Hawkes has produced a work which must be seen by the widest audience possible.”

– Stephen Buckingham, The New Times, June 14-15, 2004

Twizerane Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS , Making Donuts for the Special Prizes at RAPSIDA Plays

At a Special Meal, Prepared by PLWHA, with Students and PLWHA and Community Leaders

On the set of RAPSIDA's Musical Film, Ingabire

Warm Up Exercise, Theatre, Club Imiracire